Garden Seed Supply Retreat

What’s a garden seed supply retreat? Here’s my answer. We have a house up in the mountains. It’s more like a cottage that we have slowly made into a livable and comfortable vacation place. We call it, ‘The Retreat!’

Every year, we spend most of our summers there as it’s boiling hot in our town. My father loves gardening and he has transformed the flat piece of greenery surrounding our cottage into the most spectacular garden you ever laid eyes on.

He frequently makes business trips to the UK and buys all his seeds from there. The hardest part is transferring the flower pots back and forth from the cottage to our house and then back. To keep them in a controlled climate, he has to take them down from the mountains when it gets extremely cold. This is the only way they survive.

Also, to keep his flower beds from dying, he spreads saw dust, pine cones, dried up leaves and other stuff so that the snow doesn’t cause excessive damage.

There are two beautiful swings in the garden, and he has developed little niches and corners as picnic spots for kids. There is a lion head fountain that has water pouring from its snout and the birds have a ball dipping in it.

A fine looking hammock hangs between two pine trees and some of my best moments have been spent lying in it reading a good book.

For us, the cottage is a quiet haven, a get-away from the chaotic and busy metropolitan life and a chance to get closer to nature again. Raspberries and wild strawberries are in abundance and I love picking them and popping them in my mouth. My dad works hard to keep his lawn lush and green, and there is never a trip in which he doesn’t add something new to it. Actually, for him it’s not hard work at all, because he loves doing it. It’s the only way he knows how to relax, with his knees on the ground and his hands in the soil.

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