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Herbs are key ingredients in many recipes from around the world. They add flavor and spice up your cooking experience.

Herb gardening does not require a lot of space. Just a few plants can supply your kitchen. They can be grown along a fence or garage or you can try container growing. We will discuss container gardens on another page of this site. Some herbs can be grown indoors during the winter.


There are about 50 varieties of herbs available today each with it’s own distinctive flavor. Most are easy to grow. There are annuals, perennials, and biennials.

Note: If you are planting perennials or biennials make sure to plant them where you won’t dig them up.

Here are some of the types of herbs and their uses:

Culinary Herbs:

This is the category we most often think of in herbs. These give our food delightful flavor. Some of the more popular varieties are Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Dill and Chives.

Aromatic Herbs-

Grown for their scent the aromatics can be used as cut flowers, the oils can be used in perfumes, soaps etc. A couple of examples are Lavender and Mint.

Medicinal Herbs:

Herbs have been used in medicine for centuries and are believed to cure a wide variety of ailments. Some have proven to be effective. I ancient times some herbs even were believed to have spiritual powers. (Garlic worn about the neck warded off vampires)

Ornamental Herbs:

Can be grown for fresh or dried arrangements. Herbs are often grown amidst flowers to make the garden look nicer. These may fit in other categories as well.

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Insects and Pests and Diseases:

Actually not a lot of insects are attracted to most herbs. Some herbs such as garlic are actually used in organic pesticide formulas. Disease is not too common among herbs.

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Drying Herbs:

Harvest herbs in the morning while the oils are highest. Wash them in cold water and lay them on a drying rack that will allow as much ventilation as possible. An electric dehydrator works as well. Many herbs can be frozen for future use.

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