Organic Gardening

What is organic gardening? It simply means that the seeds used and the plants grown have not been genetically altered and have not been treated with insecticides or herbicides. Usually fertilizer is derived from plant and animal sources.

A sobering fact: Between 1994 and 2000 allergies in the US increased more than two times. This exactly coincides with the dates that genetically modified foods were introduced. Doesn't that make you want to grow your own?

Mulching is a great way to cool soils in hot summer and to preserve moisture in the soil. Mulches actually pull moisture to the surface. Click Here For More On Mulching

Plants can be organic without being "Certified Organic" This seal is just your assurance when you buy a product that you are really getting products grown in fields that are clean of known dangerous substances. The certification process is very rigorous and has a lot of controls in place to assure the grower adheres to the guidelines.

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