Roses The Flowers That Say Love


Excerpts from Agrilife Roses Page:

Roses are our national floral emblem and the most readily recognized, widely grown, and deeply loved of all flowers.

For over 2,000 years, roses have been grown and loved for their special beauty and fragrance. And what flower is more symbolic of romance than roses? The popularity of the rose is also attested to by the many songs that have been written extolling it. Poets as well as lovers since civilization began have made it their favorite subject.

Representing the highest ideals we Americans cherish - beauty, grace, dignity, and pride, we have chosen no less than the best as our newest symbol. Hail the rose!

No other shrub or flower will produce the quantity or quality of blooms all summer long like roses either - even the first year they're planted. In fact, you'll get fresh-cut roses worth many times the purchase price from each bush every year. All this makes roses one of the best gardening buys around.

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Spring Hill's Red Freedomâ„¢ Hedge Rose
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