Seed And Plant Sources

On this page we will try to help you find whatever seed you are looking for whether it be the rare or the all time favorites. We have our own seed store and are affiliated with several reputable companies. Of course we want to sell to you but we understand that we may not offer the variety you are looking for. Try us first then one of our affiliates from the links on our page.

We are working on relationships with more organic suppliers and will bring you more offerings of organic seeds. Seeds on our site are open pollinated unless noted as hybrid or organic. One such source, has a large variety of worm composters, garden composters and aeration composters. Free Shipping over $100. They offer Ferry-Morse Seeds in organic, heirloom, and other choices.

What Does Open Pollinated Mean?

Open pollinated means that the seeds were harvested from plants that reproduce true to their variety naturally. No hybridization has been used in the reproduction process. Heirloom seeds are open pollinated with a proven track record of many years.

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